Monday, December 31

Decembers Favourites

Black Body-Con Midi: NewLook 
White Shift Top: Gilly Hicks 
Earings: Miss Selfridge 
Nail Varnishes: The Thrill of Brazil and Save Me OPI 
All that Glitters by Ilana Fox 

I've been living in this Gilly Hicks top, I got it for half price at beginning of  December, yes it is summery but paired with a leather jacket, black jeans and either boots or heels its perfect for night and day. My favourite perchance has my bodycon midi firstly as its a size 6 which makes me very happy and secondly as it looks exactly the same as the TopShop ones but was about half the price! I haven't seen many people wearing them here in Essex which is perfect as it makes you really stand out, plus as only your calf's are on show its a really low-maintenance outfit. 

I picked up the earrings a few days ago reduced by £10, yes there very OTT, but with a simple black dress they really do look gorgeous. I've had my nails either just a matt red all month or with glitter on the top, the colours have been perfect for the party season. And my love of Chic Lit has been fuelled by this little gem by Ilana Fox, its got some great twists in it and I've hardly been able to put it down, the only problem is I don't want to finish it, its been to good!
What have your favourite things been this month?

Sunday, December 30



I graduated from College with two B's and a C 
I danced at the All Irelands, British Nationals, American Nationals and the Great Britains, received my best ever results and qualified for the world Championships 2012 in Boston. 
I danced in shows including doing a publicist flash mob and dancing at the Excel centre. 
I saw Noah and the Whale, Frank Tuner, many amazing acts at V Festival notably my favourite the killers and at the end of the year I finally saw my favourite band Mumford and Sons. 
I've had some pretty amazing nights out to top it off too!

2012 has been the best year of my life I can safely say, thank you all for joining me in it!
I hope 2013 gives you the greatest year yet

Thursday, December 27


Dress: Forever 21
Bag: Zara
Shoes: New Look 

Its was my finally friend to finally turn 18, no more worries about anyone being turned away with fake ID any more. So we decided to celebrate our baby girls birthday and head to Amika in Mayfair. Thankfully we new a promoter who sorted us out with few drinks all night, as it was really pricey. The club was good though, and we had an amazing time!

I went with this dress from Forever 21, I don't think the pictures really do it justice, at the back it had a deep v and where it joined it a black bow. I love Forever 21 stuff, I got so many complements on the dress and it was such a bargain. 

Wednesday, December 26

Merry Christmas

Jessie, the latest aspiring Victoria Secrets Model... She better start counting calories! 

Merry Christmas fellow bloggers, hope you all had a wonderful day! I realised I've been rather absent in the blogging world, due to working in the catering business its been non-stop with Christmas parties, meaning on those few occasions I have had a spare minute to go out I haven't had time to blog about it. But as the next few weeks are rather slow, due to people starting the new years diets I will be back on the blogging scene, can't wait to catch up with you all and start reading my favourite blogs again

Thursday, December 6


Earnings: TopShop
Dress: Love at TopShop
Leather Jacket: H&M
Rings: Miss Selfridge 

Last Monday, yes I did go out on a Monday night... I work weekends I'm allowed to! I went to the Bombo event at ballroom, 241 cocktails and free shots, it turned into a messier night than I anticipated! So I thought I'd share some shots from the beginning of  the night, I decided to put my hair up in a messy side bun   and wear a leather jacket as the silk dress was a little grannyish so I tried to sheek it up!

Wednesday, November 21

Once you go Mac you never go back

I posted mine and my friends little saying 'Once you go Mac you never go back' on twitter after having a look on their website, and couldn't believe how many retweets I got on my little cliché, so is it true, once you've worn Mac make-up will you ever be able to go back? 
 1. Russian Red lipstick: This is definitely at the top of my Christmas list, I love Mac lipsticks, but would like a slightly darker red for this winter
2. Eye Brow Pencil: Another item on my Christmas list, they have a really extensive range of different eye brow products but for me the simple pencil works best. 
3. Studio Fix Fluid: Is my favourite foundation, its quite heavy so I don't tend to wear it during the day, but it gives the most beautiful coverage, last long and photographs really well.  
4. Studio Fix Powder: I've been ooming and arring whether I'd prefer this to the liquid version, I borrowed my dance teachers last month and loved it though, have any of you used it before?
5. Blush: They have just a great range of different colours, so what ever your complexion you'll find the perfect one!

Have any of you ever used the Mac bronzer, I've been using Nars Laguna for about a year, but the Mac one is slightly cheaper, would be great to hear what you girls think is better? 

Also what's your favourite product, always love to hear about new things!   

Friday, November 16

A night at Beoga

Leather Jacket: H&M
Top: River Island
Jeans: River Island 
Shoes: New Look 

A Few weeks ago a group of us went to see a traditional Irish band called Beoga. It was such a good night, the majority of  was just having a drink and a laugh, but I did get up and do some ceili (which is traditional Irish group dancing, sort of like line dancing I guess) I can tell you after a few drinks I have never been swang round so fast in all my life, thank god I kicked my heels off! 

I'm not normally a jeans and heels girl, I normally dress up to the absolute nines, but looking back at photos I love this outfit, it really makes you stand out. Definitely going to be wearing jeans on a night out again, what do you all think?

Friday, November 9

Black Beauties

Shoes: Miss Selfridge 

After having my first Christmas Starbucks of the year (Praline Mocha) I embarked on a mission, to find my perfect winter heels. I came across theses beauties in Miss Selfridge with a £15 discount, how could I say know, they where elegant, sexy, comfy with a six inch heel and for £27 there was know way on earth they where getting away from me. 

Sunday, November 4


Tips from work have been extremely the last couple of weeks, meaning I have a little bit of extra cash to splash. The Carrie Bradshaw in me has decided that the perfect investment would be a pretty pair of shoes for the up-coming party season.  For maximum wear I think I want to go for something either in black or red with maybe a little bit of glitter. Nothing to OTT so I can wear them with more than one outfit but still have that x-factor. Let the hunt begin!

What are your favourite pair of shoes?

Thursday, November 1

Holidays are Coming

Now that November has hit, it is serious time to start Christmas shopping. I always look on the Urban Outfitters sight when looking for gift ideas, they do the best little presents, and this year hasn't changed. I was partially impressed with their choice of mugs, they'd make the perfect stocking filler for just about anyone, I mean who doesn't love drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate! 
Have you all started your Christmas shopping yet, and what are your go to shops/websites? 

Monday, October 29

The GBs

For all you that regularly follow my blog, you'll know I'm an Irish dancer. Last weekend I competed at the Great British Championships and came over all 6th (I was 2nd British girl though, wooo!) meaning I got my highest major place ever. Naturally as I was away for the whole weekend, I used the excuse of 'celebrating' for the next two nights to go out with all my friends in Irish dancing, as some of them are from America, Canada and Ireland I don't get to see them regularly, so we made it a serious night to remember! 
Sorry for the poor quality of photos, but it was one of those weekends where you definitely did not want to bring your camera. Mattresses from an apartment ended up down the street, I hid in a wardrobe from security, people where dancing on tables, climbing and braking in to childrens play areas and we did a fair few drunken jigs. The morning after we where all hanging incredibly bad and swapped stories, my belly has never hurt so much from laughing. A week on I can safely say I've recovered, even though it did take five days for my voice to come back!

Tuesday, October 16

Hair Envy

With hair I generally think the bigger the better, I love it when you can just wear a simple outfit and its your hair that's making the statement. 

I've just had my hair coloured again, its back to beautiful golden blonde and its in good condition meaning I didn't have to have it cut, which makes me a very happy girl as I'm growing my hair. I've been using Moroccan oil on it every time I blow dry it and its left it in a much better condition, what are your top hair tips, I'm always up for trying new things. I guess you could say I'm just a little hair obsessed! 

Monday, October 8


Scarf: New Look ● Jumper: topshop ● jeans: Jack Wills ● Rings: Miss Selfridge

Autumn's been flying by, I can't believe we're almost half way through and I'm yet to have a pumpkin latte, toffee apple or watch Perks of being a Wallflower. Most of my times been preoccupied with dancing, baking, working and hunting for a perfect pair of black skinny jeans. After eating all the yummy things I've baked and working them off in class, I finally found time to go shopping and have a good search for my jeans, I eventually found the perfect pair from River Island, they didn't bundle at the knee, they where super soft plus they had a little give in them for those extra few pounds at Christmas!

Saturday, October 6


Having a girly lunch date and catch up in Chelmsford means one thing, 2-4-1 cocktails and lunch in Missoula. I had my usual chicken and bacon salad with rosemary and garlic flat bread with a classic sex on the beach, needless to say we had a very good catch up and gossip. After we went shopping as it's a friends birthday this weekend, I got her a little red friendship bracelet with a gold heart from Miss Selfridge and her favourite chocolates from Thorntons. I then went on to have a cheeky but well deserved spend in River Island.

So all in all a pretty perfect day

Tuesday, October 2

Once the Leaves Start Falling

I'm like a little kid, as soon as October hits my count down to Christmas begins. I start writing my Christmas list, thinking what I want to buy others and planning my festivities. I don't know how people manage to do all this the last week of December. Admittedly I won't purposely start my Christmas shopping until November, but if I'm out and see something I think a loved one might like I'll get it then meaning I won't get stressed around Christmas. If you get everything organised and planned you'll then get time to do all the things that make this time of year so magical to you!

Let the Countdown begin!

Monday, October 1

Motivational Monday

Its officially 17 days till the Irish Dancing GB's, one of the five majors championships which people all over the world travel too. 

So at the weekend I decided to compete at a local competition in London which had girls from the Southern and Midlands Regions of the UK. The competition is out of three rounds and unforchantly the first round really let me down and I didn't get the result I would have liked coming 7th out of 13. It would be so easy to be defeatist and become unmotivated, but I'm going to use this result to my advantage. I now know exactly what not to do and what I can do to become better. Every cloud has a silver lining and if every thing would have gone perfect this weekend it probably wouldn't when it matters. I have two and a half weeks to reach my peak so I can hopefully sit on that podium and achieve a dream. 

Friday, September 28

Now is Good

If I'm off work Monday day, I often go to the cinema as its 2-4-1. This month me and a friend decided to see Now is Good, and Wow! This film had me crying, laughing and crying again, I cannot recommend this film more, its definitely my film of the year so far. I don't want to say any spoilers but if you know what this films about you know its quite a downbeat subject matter, but they deal with it in such a positive manner you won't be crying your eyes out really until the enviable and the end of the film.  It also doesn't hurt that Jeremy Irvine is  possible one of the most beautiful guys ever, warning girls, you will fall in love with him!

Has anyone else seen Now is Good yet and did you love it as much as me? What other films are you about seeing this year, I can't wait to see the Perks of being a Wallflower, if its anywhere near as good as the book it will be spectacular!

Monday, September 24


I haven't done a little picture post for what feels like forever! Here's what I've been wanting/needing recently

1/That Jumper 2/Those nails 3/That outfit 4/For my up-dos to look like that 5/A cute little tattoo
 6/A Starbucks Carmel Frap 7/Those puppies 8/Those rings