Monday, March 25


-Worlds Team 2013-

I'm heading to Boston today to compete in the Irish dancing world championships. 
I'm hoping my hotel has free wifi, as going with out twitter for a week is going to be a serious challenge!


Sunday, March 24


 This weeks obsession definitely has to be Jade from Little Mix at the Kid's Choice Awards. 
The Mini Mouse influenced outfit is super cute and totally appropriate for the event.  I am now on the hunt for a red polka-dot pencil skirt and matching top! 

Absolute Perfection!

Thursday, March 21

St Patrick's Weekend

As an Irish dancer St Patrick's weekend is always mega busy with shows, and with the world championships being in America this year we all needed a little extra money with flights, accommodation ect. So over the weekend I danced in 12 shows all over Essex, Kent and London. But I earned enough money to  pay for mine and my mum's flights, as well as having an amazing weekend!
Face OTT
Primer: Philosophy
Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Fluid 
Bronzer:  Nars Laguna 
Highlighter: Benefit bronze and highlighter duo 
Blusher: Mac Dollymix 
Eye Shadows: MUA Pearl and Matt
Lip Liner: Rimmel 
Lipstick: Mac Russian Red 
Eye Brows: B. Groomed
Mascara: Maybelline The Colossal
Eye Lashes: Natural Lash 

A Couple of action shots from one of the shows

Tuesday, March 19

Wish List

1/Those sunglasses 2/A puppy 3/New gym and dancing clothes 4/Cocktails 5/Pink glittery nails

Monday, March 11

Motivational Monday

After a weekend of not eating well, and worlds in two weeks, I need some much needed motivation! 
Are any of you using this Monday to get motivated? 

Wednesday, March 6


Spring is my favorite time of year, its when I start to dig out my floral and pastel clothes and don't need to worry about having a bad make-up day because a big pair of sunglasses can be thrown over everything. It always becomes a little easier to eat healthier to I want fruit, salads and smoothies. My skin starts to look healthier and I don't have to wear so much make-up.
The weathers been absolutely beautiful here in the UK for the last couple of days, lets hope it continues!

Here's to Spring 2013

Tuesday, March 5

Three weeks till worlds!

These photos are from a competition I did a few weeks back where I came 3rd. I was 2nd girl and won my age group, so was really happy, especially as the world championships are in just three weeks so its important to get a couple of good results before them.
It was my last time wearing my 'bubble' dress , as I went over to Dublin to collect my new one last week, which is absolutely gorgeous! I'm competing in my last competition before worlds this weekend and can't wait to wear it, fingers crossed it will all go well.