Tuesday, October 16

Hair Envy

With hair I generally think the bigger the better, I love it when you can just wear a simple outfit and its your hair that's making the statement. 

I've just had my hair coloured again, its back to beautiful golden blonde and its in good condition meaning I didn't have to have it cut, which makes me a very happy girl as I'm growing my hair. I've been using Moroccan oil on it every time I blow dry it and its left it in a much better condition, what are your top hair tips, I'm always up for trying new things. I guess you could say I'm just a little hair obsessed! 


  1. i'm of exactly the same opinion with hair making a statement with a simple outfit and i'm trying to grow mine so i've stopped bleaching it to give it a fair chance but now i'm scared to go the hair dressers incase they chop it all off!
    hope you're well
    laura xx

  2. i love big hair to & am also growing my hair out! cant wait for long hair lol xx

  3. I'm exactly the same. A while a go I had really long hair but I let my mum cut it for me and she cut it FAR too short and it was awful. It's taking so long to grow back! Something that helps if you want volume is to turn your head upside down when you blow dry your hair and don't brush it as you go! :)x

  4. I'm so bad with hair, even though I'm really glad with the natural blonde colour, my hair is always thin-ish :(

    1. Byyyy the way, I have selected you for the Liebster Award on my blog. It's for upcoming and nice blogs - and I think yours is awesome so...there you are! (you can find the post here: http://0023am.blogspot.nl/2012/10/liebster-award.html

  5. I'm totally with you on this one - I love long, tousled hair, just like in your photos.

    I've started using moroccan oil too & it's AMAZING..! My hair has never been in better condition & I put heat on it fairly regularly. I'm toying with the idea of getting a really subtle ombre done but I don't want it to turn out too garish... I want it to look natural & beachy, just like in your second pic.

    Great post, I love a good chat about hair..!