Thursday, April 26

Roll on the Wine!

Here are just a couple of snaps from my friends Shannon's 19th. We had VIP at Shaka Zulu, a really amazing club, and wasn't as pricey as some London clubs. I'd definitely recommend going there, drinks and music where good, they didn't let to many people in so it wasn't to crowed and had an excellent atmosphere. 
On a happy note, this weeks been going really well. For some reason, I'm just overly positive at the moment,  not even this a dismal weather can get me down. 
How have all your weeks been?  

Monday, April 23

Past Notes

I love looking at nostalgic photo's from times gone by, from the 20's to the 60's. It just seemed like a time of magic, with endless possibilities with so many fresh new ideas and talents. Where you where famous because of your talent and people had a real moral code. 
Lets bring back the glamour of the by gone eras
I challenge each of my readers to do this week, whether its watching an old film, doing your hair like a pin up girl, or preparing a meal from scratch!

Sunday, April 22

The Perfect Plait

Just  a little piece of hair inspiration. 
I think plaits are the perfect summer up-do, as they look so effortless and laid back. I'll definitely be trying some of these braids in the up coming weeks, perfect for nights out or laid back days.

Friday, April 20

A Ten Week Tone-up

If your a regular reader of my blog, you'll know I'm an Irish dancer. Yesterday I had a chat with my teacher about my goals, as at the age of 19 I'm nearing retirement. The thing she felt was letting me down was the power in my legs, especially the lack on tone in the quad, hamstring and bum. I'm heading to America in 10 weeks for a major competition, so I need a quick fix. Which will coincide with many of your 'holiday bodies' I'm sure. 
My plan of action
As well as dancing and what I do at class I will be working my cardio with skipping (which burns around 100 calories in 7 minutes) and using the exercise bike. For tone I intend to be doing a lot of lunges and squats (scientifically said to be the best thing to tone up the tops of your legs) and some basic yoga. 
What are your tips?

Monday, April 16

On Wednesdays we wear Pink!

I've just fell in love with the colour pink again. I think just a slight accent of the colour makes you look just adorably feminine. 

I'm going to apologise in advance, as my posts may not be as regular for the next couple of weeks. I'm back to dancing properly, meaning four nights a week, and I have coursework deadlines due, which I'm sure a lot of you other A Level students have as well.

Saturday, April 14

Old School Glamour

I've had a couple of questions on my blog how I do my hair, this tutorial is basically what I go by. I find curling the hair before putting it into rollers sets it really well. This look only really works however if you can spend a good 4 or so hours in the rollers.
My Tips
I have very thin hair, so as I take out the top layer of rollers I like to back comb the root to add more volume.
If you want a more ringlety effect, put the rollers in first and then use the tongs.
Instead of brushing the curls, I find running my figures through it works better. 

This look looks like it takes a lot of effort, but after the first few time, you'll be able to do it quite quickly. Its a beautiful look, and if you put enough hairspray in it it will last all night (a lot longer than just using just tongs). I'd definitely recommend trying this look, inject some old Hollywood glamour into your lives!

Wednesday, April 11


Both dresses from Jack Wills
A little white dress in my opinion is a summer must, I bought a little one from TopShop a few years ago and have got a ridiculous amount of wear out of it, I'm now considering buying another one. They can be dressed up or down, perfect from the beach to a pub garden. I like to make mine a little less girly with my denim jacket, and normally wear brown accessories with it. 
How do you like to wear your LWD?

Monday, April 9

Saturday Night

I wore a dress from Jane Norman and shoes from New Look
Molly wore a dress from Lipsy and shoes from Linzi 
As its Easter holidays I'm definitely making the most of going out, as after I'll be back to working hard and starting my revision. We went out to Chelmsford and had drinks in Lloyds before heading to Missoula. Met up with some people from college and just had a really good night. 

How have all your Easters been?

Saturday, April 7

Like an Aztec

1. Jane Norman  2. New Look 
Went into town for a couple of hours today, for a Nandos and some Easter egg shopping and came back with these two beautys. I saw the dress in the shop window, I have to admit I don't often go in Jane Norman  or wear pink and I've never bought an aztec print before but I fell in love with it. It has quite a deep oval in the back and fits beautifully. I'm planning to wear it Saturday night, so will do an outfit post in the next couple of days. I've been looking for a new casual top too, and I just thought this one from New Look was lovely. I've never really considered wearing aztec before, as I have a bit of a pet hate of wannabe hipsters and I think it can some times look a little try hard. But I guess I've had a change in heart. 

Thursday, April 5

After one to many J├Ągerbombs

After spending half my day in rollers I hit student night at Chicago's in Chelmsford. I've always been one to put rollers in my hair, but as I took each one out, I quickly went over it with a curling iron, which I thought gave it an even better body and texture, it lasted really well too. 
I wore a dress from TopShop, belt from International and shoes from New Look. 

Monday, April 2

Chelsea Girl

Made in Chelsea start back tonight and looking at all the photos from the E4 website has made me overly excited! It also fuels obsession, Caggie and Millie, they always look so flawlessly beautiful with out the over the topess and fakeness the Essex girls have. 

Sunday, April 1

Like a Ballerina

 1. Topshop 2. Topshop 3. Topshop 4. Miss Selfridge 5. River Island
People can always tell I’m a dancer, even though I do Irish not ballet. It’s not that I try to look that way, it’s just embedded within me I guess. I love pastels, pretty dresses, I don’t like my hair or jewellery to be to OOT or fussy and I always need a massive handbag. These are just some of my favourite pieces on the highstreet at the moment, that I hope find themselves in my wardrobe. 
I don't generally blog about my dancing, but I guess you could say I'm 'professional' as my troup does get hired out, yesterday we danced at the Excel centre in front of 3000 people, which was amazing. I tweet quite a lot about my dancing, so if your interested follow me :)