Thursday, May 31


Its my friends 21st next weekend and she's rented a section in Piccadilly Institute. I'm on a bit of a budget at them moment so I was planning to wear a white River Island skater skirt I wore a couple of times last year. However to mix the look up a bit I wanted to maybe get a new top and I found this gorgeous leotard from asos for £10
What do you ladies think? I thought it was quite sexy and sophisticated, but is it a little boring? But if I do get it, it's reasonable meaning I can buy a cheeky pair of new shoes.

Tuesday, May 29

Bow Shoes

My posts at the moment seem a little shoe obsessed, but what can I say, hey I'm a girl! Flicking through tumblr this afternoon I've seen quite a lot of chunky heeled sandals with bows on the front. Is anyone else obsessed? I think they look gorgeous, I'm most definitely now on the look out for a reasonable pair of these beautys. 

Friday, May 25

The Messy Bun: Summer Style

I posted a picture of my hair this morning on my Twitter and received quite a bit of positive feedback on it, so I'd thought I'd share with you my tips on messy up-dos. 
I love wearing my hair up, especially when its hot, but not over fussily therefore this hairstyle is perfect. To create this look its best to have day old hair, spits it with sea salt, I use fudge, to give it a ruffer texture. Then backcomb the front and spray hairspray under the roots to give it volume. Loosely tie it in a messy bun and slightly tug on the front bits and pin them into a quiff. Then pin the flowers in to add that perfect summer vibe. 

Wednesday, May 23

Wedge Weekend

1. TopShop 2. Miss Selfridge 
This summer I really want to invest in a nude/brown pair of wedge sandals that will go with anything from a summer dress to jeans and can translate from night to day. These where my two favourites on the high street but I'm not sure which ones to go for, help! Or if anyone has any recommendations that would be warmly welcomed. 

Monday, May 21

Mondays mean Made in Chelsea

In the words of Jamie Laing TGIMIC!
I actually look forward to Mondays now purely so I can watch the beautiful people of Chelsea. Here are a few snapshots from the stunning Millie Mackintosh's twitter page.
I think she's just absolutely beautiful, her outfits, make-up and hair is just absolutely flawless! Are you Made in Chelsea or Towie fans, if so who are your favourites?
Sorry for my lack of updates recently, my life just seems to be so hectic at the moment, but I promise to start making more of an effort. 

Friday, May 4

Make Every Day Beautiful

Exam seasons approaching, the weathers being unkind, so sit back relax, be happy and look beautiful.

My Tips
1. Treat your self to a face mask rich in vitamin E. I love Liz Earl products, there a little pricey but definitely worth it. 
2. Make your self a fruit salad, with all your favourites, its sweet, yummy and packed with antioxidants!
3. Deep condition your hair, I like to use Lee Staffords miracle growth as I'm trying to grow my hair
4. Tan up! Everyone looks fresher, healthier and feels better with a tan. 
5. Lastly put on a good chick flick, Legally Blonde, Bridget Jones, 500 days of Summer, Mean girls etc and snuggle up with your best friend and a bowel of popcorn, surprisingly a healthy low in fat snack. And you'll work it off with all the laughter!