Thursday, February 28

Festival Fever

My V Festival ticket for 2013 has just been purchased I'll be seeing Beyonce, Kings of Leon, The Script, Calvin Harris, Jessie J, Fun, Scouting for Girls, Of Monsters and Men and many more. Bring it on!
(Can't wait to start planning the outfits!!)

Are you going to any festivals this year, and whats your favorite one? 
I'm kinda gutted I'm not going Wireless this year to see Justin Timberlake but V will definitely make up for it!

Tuesday, February 26

Hair Growth

It has been scientifically proven that wearing your hair in a loose plait (braid to all my American friends) can boost hair growth.  If like me your not a massive fan of the plait, wear your hair like it in the house and to bed. 

One of my friends has been doing this for about a month and has seen a real improvement. I just started doing this a couple of days ago but will keep you up to date with my results!

Sunday, February 24


Sorry for my lack of blogging this month, my computer broke a few weeks ago. So instead of doing lots of little random post of what I've been doing/loving/discovering recently I thought I'd share it all in one monthly update.

1/ I have found out Forever 21 do the cutest sports bras ever, I bough one in aqua and one in lavender. Think I may need to go back to get the hot pink one too!
2/ I'm totally obsessed with One Directions song Kiss You, I've had it on repeat all month, kinda embarrassing for a girl who's 20 in two weeks I know. 
3/ I danced at a Feis (Irish Dancing competition) and came 3rd, it was a super hard comp, double age group and mixed, literally everyone from the UK was there I was absolutely thrilled :)
4/ I had my first Pinkberry experience, oh my its beautiful, I'm so addicted and it makes me feel so good about myself as its actually healthy, goodbye starbucks with your fatty caramel fraps and muffins!
5/ Unfortunately I didn't have a valentine this year, instead I worked a double shift at the restaurant, on the plus side tips where amazing. 
6/ I'm now on my 4 week count down till my world championships in Boston, so dancing super hard. But I'm now calling it the 'last push' I'm going to do absolutely everything I can to achieve. 
7/ Thankfully although I haven't had a computer TV's been fab at the moment with Girls, Glee, The Following and Geordie Shaw  


Monday, February 4


I've finally given in and created a weheartit account and within three days I've become fully addicted to it. My profile consists of rather a lot of hair/make-up beautiful people envy, puppies and food. What is not to love!

Follow my account:

Saturday, February 2

Girls on Town

Just a few snaps before we headed to town the other night. I wore a plain black rap dress with black heels so had statement big hair, a strong brow and red lips. We spent the night dancing and drinking cocktails, perfection!

P.S How amazing does my friends hair look, I curled it with my Babyliss barrel rollers, they work so well on long think hair

Friday, February 1

Les Mis

I know I'm about three weeks late, but I'm urging you if you haven't already seen Les Mis to go and see it. Its the most beautiful, charming, emotional film I have seen in what feels like forever, I can't get the story out of my head. I know it may be a little bit premature to say but it is definitely my film of 2013. 

Tissues are needed, and don't go on a date to see this as you will be snotty and have ruined your make-up!