Saturday, June 30

The Last Minute

Poped in town yesterday to pick up a couple of toiletries, change up my money and have a cheeky Nandos. I wasn't intending to buy anything as I'm trying to save my pennies for some holiday shopping, but came across this gorgeous bikini, that cost under £8, how could I say no! Its a really good fit and very comfy, I tend to get my bikinis from h&m, as they're quirky, cute and reasonable. However they do tend to cater more to the flatter chest girl. Can't wait to wear it, Chicago and 30 degree weather here I come!

Friday, June 29

The Windy City

On Sunday I'm flying out to Chicago with my dance troupe for just over a week. Although primarily we are going out there to dance, we either have evenings or days to ourselves. Having not been to America since I was little, I want all your tips, what are your favourite shops, restaurants ect out there? 
And to anyone who has been to Chicago, are there any recommendations on what to do, I know we're about a mile away Navy Pier, that looks good. We've also already booked a speed boat ride as one of the boys is having his 18th birthday while we're out there. 

Monday, June 25

Happy Hair

I love windswept, natural voluminous healthy hair

I always fine I over product and style my hair during the winter, leaving it damaged with a dry scalp, meaning summers the perfect time to just let it dry naturally and become healthy. I think this look suits the majority of people, as long as you have hair around shoulder length or longer. I have the natural wave to my hair but to create more volume I often let it dry in a top knot and spits it with sea salt. 
Do you like this look and do you have any hair growth tips & tricks? 

Saturday, June 23

My Desert Island Beauty Product

nars laguna bronzer

Its my absolute must beauty product although a bit pricey. I go through about 4 a year, so it sets me back about £100, but I do use it quite liberally often dusting my neck and chest too. I'm not going to do another review about this product as there're are about a million floating around the blogging world, but just highly recommend it. I resisted trying it for a while, sticking to high street alternatives, but you've just got to look at how many celebs use it, it really is the best. 

Saturday, June 16


Revising for my last exam at the moment, so just a quick update. Stumbled across this video the other day, and it brought a definite smile to my face. 

Hope you enjoy


Tuesday, June 12

Saturday Nights Outfit

On Saturday we celebrated my friend Amy's 21st at Picadially Institute, here are just a few quick snaps

Black backless leotard: ASOS
Black belt: Primark
White skater skirt: River Island
Black wedges: New Look 
Earrings: TopShop  

I wore my hair in pin curls during the the day, which involves curling the hair with a tong then pinning it up in a spiral  and spraying with hairspray. I then took them out and pinned them to the side. The pin curls create a better volume and texture than just using tongs alone. 

Tuesday, June 5

All Clothes Should be Backless

I think there's a lot of misconceptions about backless clothes, girls often don't feel comfortable enough to wear them. However I'm a massive fan of anything backless, it instantly makes you look sexy whilst still looking classy. Dolls if you are a fuller figure peek-a-boo backless tops or a shallow scoop can still look gorgeous on you and still allow you to wear a full supporting bra. If you’re a slim figure experiment and try low cuts with a stick on bra or if it’s a thick material not one at all. Keep in mind the proportions of the dress when your styling your hair, super low cut dresses look great with hair down, while higher cuts might call for pulling the hair up!

I hope this helps ladies, what are your feelings about backless dresses?

Sunday, June 3


Rihanna wowed everyone at the Grammys in her super, sexy, sleek maxi LBD. While browsing on I noticed they've done a copy of the dress for £18.99. I'm in serious need of an event so I can have the excuse to buy this dress, its gorgeous and looks really flattering and would look amazing with black heels, clutch, gold accessories and a messy up-do. 

What do you ladies think, are you fans of Rihanna's style?

Friday, June 1


I had my first A2 exam, in Communication and Culture this afternoon, so one down three to go. Insistently there has been a lot of cramming the last few days, but fingers crossed I thought it went quite well. 
I get home from my exam and Mum's been an absolute angel and bought me this months Glamour magazine, which has a mini Benefit 'Bad Girl Lash', perfect for my make-up bag. Therefore the rest of the day I will indulge myself in cupcakes, reading my magazine and paint my nails hot pink (I'm going on a girly theme today).
How are you all, have you all finished your exams, and have you picked up a copy of Glamour yet (you can also get a free primer and pour minimizer, which I may have to pick up)