Wednesday, November 21

Once you go Mac you never go back

I posted mine and my friends little saying 'Once you go Mac you never go back' on twitter after having a look on their website, and couldn't believe how many retweets I got on my little cliché, so is it true, once you've worn Mac make-up will you ever be able to go back? 
 1. Russian Red lipstick: This is definitely at the top of my Christmas list, I love Mac lipsticks, but would like a slightly darker red for this winter
2. Eye Brow Pencil: Another item on my Christmas list, they have a really extensive range of different eye brow products but for me the simple pencil works best. 
3. Studio Fix Fluid: Is my favourite foundation, its quite heavy so I don't tend to wear it during the day, but it gives the most beautiful coverage, last long and photographs really well.  
4. Studio Fix Powder: I've been ooming and arring whether I'd prefer this to the liquid version, I borrowed my dance teachers last month and loved it though, have any of you used it before?
5. Blush: They have just a great range of different colours, so what ever your complexion you'll find the perfect one!

Have any of you ever used the Mac bronzer, I've been using Nars Laguna for about a year, but the Mac one is slightly cheaper, would be great to hear what you girls think is better? 

Also what's your favourite product, always love to hear about new things!   

Friday, November 16

A night at Beoga

Leather Jacket: H&M
Top: River Island
Jeans: River Island 
Shoes: New Look 

A Few weeks ago a group of us went to see a traditional Irish band called Beoga. It was such a good night, the majority of  was just having a drink and a laugh, but I did get up and do some ceili (which is traditional Irish group dancing, sort of like line dancing I guess) I can tell you after a few drinks I have never been swang round so fast in all my life, thank god I kicked my heels off! 

I'm not normally a jeans and heels girl, I normally dress up to the absolute nines, but looking back at photos I love this outfit, it really makes you stand out. Definitely going to be wearing jeans on a night out again, what do you all think?

Friday, November 9

Black Beauties

Shoes: Miss Selfridge 

After having my first Christmas Starbucks of the year (Praline Mocha) I embarked on a mission, to find my perfect winter heels. I came across theses beauties in Miss Selfridge with a £15 discount, how could I say know, they where elegant, sexy, comfy with a six inch heel and for £27 there was know way on earth they where getting away from me. 

Sunday, November 4


Tips from work have been extremely the last couple of weeks, meaning I have a little bit of extra cash to splash. The Carrie Bradshaw in me has decided that the perfect investment would be a pretty pair of shoes for the up-coming party season.  For maximum wear I think I want to go for something either in black or red with maybe a little bit of glitter. Nothing to OTT so I can wear them with more than one outfit but still have that x-factor. Let the hunt begin!

What are your favourite pair of shoes?

Thursday, November 1

Holidays are Coming

Now that November has hit, it is serious time to start Christmas shopping. I always look on the Urban Outfitters sight when looking for gift ideas, they do the best little presents, and this year hasn't changed. I was partially impressed with their choice of mugs, they'd make the perfect stocking filler for just about anyone, I mean who doesn't love drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate! 
Have you all started your Christmas shopping yet, and what are your go to shops/websites?