Saturday, January 26


One of my favourite films mixed with my favourite designers, Wildfox you have truly outdone yourself! Believe it or not I have tried to 'narrow' it down to just my favourite photos! 

“In 1995, girl world changed forever when we were introduced to three strong-willed, perfectly dressed Beverly Hills babes named Cher, Tai, and Dionne. Amy Heckerling, the mastermind behind the cultural phenomenon, said it best through her leading lady Cher Horowitz, “So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew – and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon?” AS IF! Everything about the “Clueless” world captured a generation of girls who wanted it all, and who were going to look great getting it. Amy Heckerling created a bold new take on the modern girl amidst the sea of grunge that filled the 90’s. Wildfox’s Spring 2013 collection pays tribute to Heckerling, capturing the spirit of “Clueless” and their iconic leading ladies. We’re the Kids In America!”

Monday, January 21

Just a large glass of House Wine x5

 Last Saturday we went to Shaka Zulu (my favourite ever club) in Camden for Josh's 20th. For all you that haven't been there it is the most amazing club, its South African themed the d├ęcor is just crazy OTT and it even has escalators!  ESCALATORS!! meaning no having to precariously wobble up and down stairs all night in 5 inch heels. 

Sorry for the lack of photos, I keep on forgetting to take them and when I do remember they aren't the prettiest sight, this was really the only half decent one. I wore a tie-die midi from Quiz and an oversized clutch from River Island. I did my hair with rollers to add volume, did my normal going out make-up, glowy skin, smoky eyes and big eye brows. And decided to add a little bit of colour with my Mac Russian Red lipstick and painted my nails with OPIs Thrill of Brazil, which is an absolute perfect colour match for the lipstick!

Friday, January 18


Only just realised I haven't done my 'monthly' playlist since September, so whilst I'm snowed in I thought it might be good to attempt January's one!

Fun: Carry On
Taylor Swift: I Knew You Where Trouble 
One Direction: Kiss You
The Lumineers: Hey Ho
Justin Timberlake: Suit and Tie
Phillp Philips: Man on the Moon

My playlist this month is definitely the most 'poppy' its been, think it might have something to do with my end of Christmas blues. 
What have you all been listening to recently?

Monday, January 14

Motivational Monday

Its the third week in January, don't you think time is just flying by at the moment! And if your anything like me those New Years resolutions are slowly dropping away, so when times get hard I like to look to the heavens for some much needed inspiration. Thankfully the Victoria's Secret angels always look fabulous and are there to make every girl envious! 

So put down the chocolate and full fat latte, put those yoga pants and sports bras back on and lets whip these bodies into shape!

Saturday, January 12

Mumford and Sons

Seeing this years Brits nominations made me realised I never blogged about seeing Mumford and Son (due to working a lot of overtime last month) I saw them at the O2, it was the biggest indoor gig they'd ever done at the time. We where reasonably near the front of the concert, I had very high expectations of them as they are one of my favourite bands and oh my they did not disappoint! They thoroughly deserve their Brit nomination of best live act and best of luck to them!

Who are your favourite acts live? 

Thursday, January 10

4 weeks no heat

I had my hair cut and coloured yesterday. So its been hurt as it been bleached an even lighter blonde, but to compensate I had the dead ends trimmed off, therefore its not actually in that bad of condition at the moment. 
I hate when ever I get my hair trimmed, even though no more than two inches have been cut it feels like a lot. So I thought this would be the perfect time to start 4 weeks no heat challenge. Before when I did this hair detox I found it was very successful, my hair was in such beautiful condition and definitely grew quicker. 

But this means NO 
Hair tongs, Straighteners, Heated Rollers or Hair-dryers. 

I'm also going to try and cut back back combing, something I find incredibly hard, I'm a big hair type of girl. Less hair spray as it dries your scalp and lots of conditioning treatment. 

I always think January's the perfect time to do this as if like me you won't be going out much. So girls definitely considering joining me in my mission in beautiful hair, its most definitely worth it!

A little bit of inspiration to help you on your way!
Good Luck!

Sunday, January 6

Just something to make you smile

Hope you all had a lovely weekend ladies. 
Here's just a little video to make you smile, its possibly the cutest thing I've ever watched and the perfect way to end the weekend!

Wednesday, January 2

Wednesday Wishes

Spending a lazy day looking at all the things I want/need
1/ a girly night of gossip and cocktails  2/ that dress  3/breakfast in bed  4/that amount of victorias secret goodies
5/him  6/to have an event to wear a dress like that  7/those nails  8/that puppy

What have you been wishing for this week?