Thursday, March 29

She wore short shorts.

Over the Easter Holidays I’ll be most definitely investing in a new pair of denim shorts. I’d really like just a timeless type of acid coloured, perhaps slightly frayed looking ones.
What make are your favourite denim shorts?
Note: Rachel from nominated me for versatile blogger. I really love all positive feedback on my blog, it makes my day, thank you! And definitely make sure to check out her blog, it’s a great read!

Tuesday, March 27

Health Kick

After polishing of a bottle of wine on Saturday night at the pub and a few lagers last night at a concert, I’m in need of a serious detox (especially as the Easter holidays are commencing soon, and I anticipate messiness)  
I’m very happy with my size, so I’m not doing this to lose weight, just to brighten up and be healthy. So for the next couple of weeks I’m limiting myself to just one ‘goodie’ a day (chocolate, crisps, etc) and no fizzy drinks, trying to pack in as many antioxidants  as possible (green tea, fruit, veg and nuts) and remembering to be kind to my face meaning no face wipes, instead cleanser, exfoliator and facemask rich in vitamin E. Follow my efforts on Twitter
Any other tips?

Friday, March 23

Monday to Friday

1.I want these shoes from River Island  2.Enjoying the weather and having lunch in the park  3.My constant craving for Nutella and Green tea, Yum!  4.Loving this weather  5. I’m reading the Virgin Suicides  6.Painted my nails a gorgeous bright red 


Are you all enjoying the weather, I've been contemplating if its hot enough to wear a summer dress, has anyone braved one yet? Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)
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Wednesday, March 21


At the moment all I ever seem to do is, constantly tidy my room, study, go out and drink too much, read and look for bobby pins.

Sunday, March 18


Why Lauren Conrad is still my favourite ever reality star.
Her hair is always perfect, either when it’s in the loose beach waves, a top knot or braids. She has a very understated chic style. Her make-up is always golden and flawless. And she doesn’t seem to be some big ridiculous persona, just your girl next door. She’s definitely the Celebrity that embodies my style of hair, make-up and fashion the most.
Who are your favourite reality stars and what celebrities inspire your look?

Friday, March 16

Summer Lovin'

Had a bit of a blogging block the last couple of days, and I think it’s due to the beautiful weather we’ve been having, as it's getting me over excited for summer!
At the end of this summer I’ll be looking for full time employment, so it really will be an end of an era, so I’m planning to make it the best yet. I’ve already planned a weekend away with the girls, a trip to America as I’ll be dancing out there and V fest tickets. What are your summer plans?

Tuesday, March 13

The One Nine

  1. A selection of birthday presents 2. A photo before going out 3. Cupcakes 4. My birthday lunch
It was my nineteenth birthday on Monday. So it’s officially my last teenage year, which is an incredibly scary though as twenty always seemed so grownup. Even with that daunting thought, I had an absolutely lovely day and got spoilt rotten by all my family and friends. So I thought I’d share some photographs, sorry I will one day learn to take them on my camera rather than my phone!

Sunday, March 11

Pretty Pastels

Having a well earned brake from my English coursework looking at all the pretty pastel things I have the sudden urge for now that it’s Spring.
I wish the weekend could last forever.

Saturday, March 10

A Little Treat

Had a lovely shopping trip with my Mum this afternoon as it’s my Birthday next week and I haven’t really asked for much, so I could choose out a few things as presents. I absolutely love what I ended up buying, the top and skirt from HQ look a lot nicer on, as they flow beautifully making them look so elegant. The two sets of underwear are just gorgeous and feminine, they're a good quality to, very impressed with Primark!
How have all your weekends been so far?  

Thursday, March 8

What's in my beauty bag

Day to day I like to have quite a natural, sunkissed look. In the morning I would normally use a black mascara and a dark brown brow pencil, I like to make my eyes pop. Then my face make-up, which is always in my handbag and i’m extremely fussy about. Also in my make-up bag would be my trusty Vaseline which I reapply at least once an hour.

1. NARS Laguna Bronzer, I’ve tried so many high street bronzers and just decided to man up and spend a little more, definitely worth the money, you only need to apply a dusting, for an even beautiful colour.
2. LAURA GELLER  Blush-n-Brighten Honey Dip, give your skin the most gorgeous healthy glow.
3. MAC Studio Fix Fluid, absolutely amazing coverage that honestly last all day, quite a heavy foundation so during the day I only use sparingly.
4. THE BODY SHOP Face&Body and Blusher Brushes have been a staple in my make-up bag for a while now. There extremely soft and give a very natural seamless look.
What are your beauty staples?
On a happy note, the weather is beautiful so I’ve been listening to a bit of Frank Turner and Ben Howard to get me in the summer mood. I also got my exam results back today, I got an A in Communications and a B in English. Did anyone else get results today?

Wednesday, March 7

Cute and Quirky

Just a little random mid-week post.
However busy you all are this week please take some time out to look at the Kony video, since watching it I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s such an important cause, lets make a difference!