Monday, April 28


Stop for just a moment to enjoy man crush Monday and Chuck Bass, 
Your welcome 

Saturday, April 26


(excuse the pout)

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW25
Mac Studio Fix powder NW25
Mac Pink 'O' Peach Blush
Mac Give Me Sun Mineralize 
Urban Decay Naked Basic Pallet (Venus, Naked 2, Faint) 
Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner 
B. Groomed Dark Brown Eyebrow Kit
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express 
Mac Ruby Woo 

Its been said 'A woman who can pull of wearing red lipstick during the day is the most dangerous kind of person' yet most girls still stick to nude shades. I'm a massive fab of red lipstick during the day, but I think there are certain rules that you need to follow as too not look like your wearing night time makeup;

1. Go for a lighter/brighter shade than you would do at night
2. Keep face makeup as natural as possible, not too much contouring or blush!
3. You need a strong brow to balance it out
4. And eye make up to balance it out, a subtle day smokey eye is perfect with this look,
5. Don't do too structured hair, keep it either sleek, beach or a messy up-do 

Friday, April 25

Coconut Oil

The latest miracle product that everyone is talking about is coconut oil. 

Benefits with cooking with it are: 
 It provides energy, it increases metabolism, it kills bacteria and viruses, promotes weight loss, preserves mussel mass, improves absorption of vitamins as well as improving diabetes and Alzheimer. 

As well as health benefits it also a miracle beauty product calming it:
helps acne, eczema and psoriasis, improves dandruff, strengthens hair, moisturizes skin and lips, helps prevent fine lines and stretch marks. 

Superdrug are selling a small pot for under £3 (which is super cheep)
The pot also has directions of use. The product itself smells heavenly and when used as a hair mask your hair will do too for the next few day. I highly recommend trying this product, and even if you feel like it doesn't work, you've barely spent and money. And if you do you'll be saving a lot of money in the future on expensive hair masks, spot treatments ect.

Does anyone else use coconut oil, and do you use it in any other ways I haven't mentioned?

Monday, April 14


Coachella festival always raises the bar in festival attire for the rest of the summers festivals. This years no different Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner all looked amazing but my favorite look of the weekend is Kendall Jenner. I know the nose ring is totally OTT and its going to be an either love or hate look, but I'm totally obsessed with it and she definitely pulls it off!
What where your favorite trends from Coachella, and will you be copying any this year?

Saturday, April 12

Eat Clean

Eating clean is eating foods in they're most natural form. So its avoiding processed food or foods with preservatives added sugar, fat or flavorings. This doesn't just mean cutting out fast foods and foods you'd automatically assume are bad for you. But things like cereal bars, white bread and butters. 

I have to admit I do try and eat clean, but it doesn't always go to plan, it can be quiet difficult. But as I am dancing in the Irish dancing world championships next week I am trying to do everything to get my body as strong as possible. 

The easiest way I find to 'eat clean' is swapping to wholemeal, steaming and boiling foods where ever possible, and swapping butter to avocado, stopping eating pastas and noodles instead trying alternatives like quinoa, snacking on berries and nuts and lastly not eating too much red meat swap to chicken and oily fish!

If your trying to loose weight as well as being healthy my top tip would be swapping three dinners a week to vegetable omelettes with a side salad. Its super quick and easy to eat plus gives your body a brake from meats while still having plenty of protein and is carb free.

 Do any of you 'eat clean' what are your favorite meals and snacks?

Sunday, April 6

My New Babies

I've been on the hunt for a pair of nude sandals and I've finally found the perfect pair from Zara
Perfect for summer nights out, and great for a budget as they only cost £30

Thursday, April 3

Clueless about Fashion

Like most 90's girls one of my major style icons is Cher from clueless! i'm sure most of you where like me totally obsessed when Wildfox did their clueless campaign, how ever it was a little out of my price range. Yet browsing I noticed rather a few Cher-esk items. A rather large order is definitely on the cards!!

all outfits from missguided 

Tuesday, April 1

White Jeans

I have some serious white jean envy at the moment, my instergram is full of girls absolutely rocking them, while mine stay put in my wardrobe as I never know what to wear them with. 
I don't know if any of you other girls are struggling with them but I thought I'd share this article.

I absolutely love the all white look as well as with a pop of colour, the white jean is definitely the perfect staple for spring/summer

How do you girls wear your white jeans?