Monday, October 1

Motivational Monday

Its officially 17 days till the Irish Dancing GB's, one of the five majors championships which people all over the world travel too. 

So at the weekend I decided to compete at a local competition in London which had girls from the Southern and Midlands Regions of the UK. The competition is out of three rounds and unforchantly the first round really let me down and I didn't get the result I would have liked coming 7th out of 13. It would be so easy to be defeatist and become unmotivated, but I'm going to use this result to my advantage. I now know exactly what not to do and what I can do to become better. Every cloud has a silver lining and if every thing would have gone perfect this weekend it probably wouldn't when it matters. I have two and a half weeks to reach my peak so I can hopefully sit on that podium and achieve a dream. 


  1. I am quite excited for you! Where is the Irish Dancing taking place in 17 days? xx

    1. Oh they're just on the south cost of England a hour or so away from London. So they're rather close for me