Sunday, December 30



I graduated from College with two B's and a C 
I danced at the All Irelands, British Nationals, American Nationals and the Great Britains, received my best ever results and qualified for the world Championships 2012 in Boston. 
I danced in shows including doing a publicist flash mob and dancing at the Excel centre. 
I saw Noah and the Whale, Frank Tuner, many amazing acts at V Festival notably my favourite the killers and at the end of the year I finally saw my favourite band Mumford and Sons. 
I've had some pretty amazing nights out to top it off too!

2012 has been the best year of my life I can safely say, thank you all for joining me in it!
I hope 2013 gives you the greatest year yet


  1. You are stunnning! I'm extremely jealous you got to see Mumford and Sons live!

    Happy New Year!