Thursday, November 1

Holidays are Coming

Now that November has hit, it is serious time to start Christmas shopping. I always look on the Urban Outfitters sight when looking for gift ideas, they do the best little presents, and this year hasn't changed. I was partially impressed with their choice of mugs, they'd make the perfect stocking filler for just about anyone, I mean who doesn't love drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate! 
Have you all started your Christmas shopping yet, and what are your go to shops/websites? 


  1. I love the biscuit pocket mug, would be a great present! I've not even started thinking christmas yet eeekk, so much planning to do!

  2. Sweet post, the little moustache mug is so cute !

  3. Oh their mugs are brilliant, I have forbidden myself to look at their website again. But yes, I love how you start Christmas shopping in November!

  4. I have not even started to think about Christmas shopping, I'm glad I came across this post to remind me of it. haha Thanks for the UO tip, I'll check their website for sure! Followed you. xx