Tuesday, June 14


After a week of drinking and going out due to celebrating my end of exams I need a detox. 
 I swear by green tea with 1/4 of a table spoon of honey, facial products rich in vitamin E, a  couple of hours of sunbathing during the week (in the summer), exercise (I do around 6 hours of dancing a week but in when trying to improve my fitness I've found nothing works as well as skipping) and taking a supplement of zinc. After two weeks you'll feel energinsed and look radient. My detox starts today.
Any other tips?

Sunday, June 12

Goodbye Blonde

On Thursday this week I dyed my hair a more brownish colour as I’d been a very bleach blonde for over a year and a half and just needed a change from it. I need to change my shampoos over, was wondering if there was any recommendations.
I’m also attempting to grow my hair, if you have any tips or products that work. I’ve used Lee Stafford’s treatment before found that worked quite well, but I’m definitely up for trying new things.  
I love natural looking, windswept, bouncy hair.

Saturday, June 11

The Prettiest Things

At the moment I’m in love with pastel colours, floral prints, bows, floaty dresses, lace, pretty patterns, wavy hair all worn with a big snuggly cardigan thrown over

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Friday, June 10