Sunday, November 4


Tips from work have been extremely the last couple of weeks, meaning I have a little bit of extra cash to splash. The Carrie Bradshaw in me has decided that the perfect investment would be a pretty pair of shoes for the up-coming party season.  For maximum wear I think I want to go for something either in black or red with maybe a little bit of glitter. Nothing to OTT so I can wear them with more than one outfit but still have that x-factor. Let the hunt begin!

What are your favourite pair of shoes?


  1. THE LAST SHOES! ha. Great post, haven't talked to you in what feels like ages! I tagged you in the blogger tag, I'd love if you could do it. You'll find it on my blog. x

  2. love the red shoes with the bow - I would love them even more if they were in my closet!

  3. Oh my, I love this selection, although I would NEVER be able to walk normally in any of these... (respect to you!) My favourite shoes are probably my heeled oxfords that I got a few weeks ago. So neat and nice.