Monday, October 29

The GBs

For all you that regularly follow my blog, you'll know I'm an Irish dancer. Last weekend I competed at the Great British Championships and came over all 6th (I was 2nd British girl though, wooo!) meaning I got my highest major place ever. Naturally as I was away for the whole weekend, I used the excuse of 'celebrating' for the next two nights to go out with all my friends in Irish dancing, as some of them are from America, Canada and Ireland I don't get to see them regularly, so we made it a serious night to remember! 
Sorry for the poor quality of photos, but it was one of those weekends where you definitely did not want to bring your camera. Mattresses from an apartment ended up down the street, I hid in a wardrobe from security, people where dancing on tables, climbing and braking in to childrens play areas and we did a fair few drunken jigs. The morning after we where all hanging incredibly bad and swapped stories, my belly has never hurt so much from laughing. A week on I can safely say I've recovered, even though it did take five days for my voice to come back!

Tuesday, October 16

Hair Envy

With hair I generally think the bigger the better, I love it when you can just wear a simple outfit and its your hair that's making the statement. 

I've just had my hair coloured again, its back to beautiful golden blonde and its in good condition meaning I didn't have to have it cut, which makes me a very happy girl as I'm growing my hair. I've been using Moroccan oil on it every time I blow dry it and its left it in a much better condition, what are your top hair tips, I'm always up for trying new things. I guess you could say I'm just a little hair obsessed! 

Monday, October 8


Scarf: New Look ● Jumper: topshop ● jeans: Jack Wills ● Rings: Miss Selfridge

Autumn's been flying by, I can't believe we're almost half way through and I'm yet to have a pumpkin latte, toffee apple or watch Perks of being a Wallflower. Most of my times been preoccupied with dancing, baking, working and hunting for a perfect pair of black skinny jeans. After eating all the yummy things I've baked and working them off in class, I finally found time to go shopping and have a good search for my jeans, I eventually found the perfect pair from River Island, they didn't bundle at the knee, they where super soft plus they had a little give in them for those extra few pounds at Christmas!

Saturday, October 6


Having a girly lunch date and catch up in Chelmsford means one thing, 2-4-1 cocktails and lunch in Missoula. I had my usual chicken and bacon salad with rosemary and garlic flat bread with a classic sex on the beach, needless to say we had a very good catch up and gossip. After we went shopping as it's a friends birthday this weekend, I got her a little red friendship bracelet with a gold heart from Miss Selfridge and her favourite chocolates from Thorntons. I then went on to have a cheeky but well deserved spend in River Island.

So all in all a pretty perfect day

Tuesday, October 2

Once the Leaves Start Falling

I'm like a little kid, as soon as October hits my count down to Christmas begins. I start writing my Christmas list, thinking what I want to buy others and planning my festivities. I don't know how people manage to do all this the last week of December. Admittedly I won't purposely start my Christmas shopping until November, but if I'm out and see something I think a loved one might like I'll get it then meaning I won't get stressed around Christmas. If you get everything organised and planned you'll then get time to do all the things that make this time of year so magical to you!

Let the Countdown begin!

Monday, October 1

Motivational Monday

Its officially 17 days till the Irish Dancing GB's, one of the five majors championships which people all over the world travel too. 

So at the weekend I decided to compete at a local competition in London which had girls from the Southern and Midlands Regions of the UK. The competition is out of three rounds and unforchantly the first round really let me down and I didn't get the result I would have liked coming 7th out of 13. It would be so easy to be defeatist and become unmotivated, but I'm going to use this result to my advantage. I now know exactly what not to do and what I can do to become better. Every cloud has a silver lining and if every thing would have gone perfect this weekend it probably wouldn't when it matters. I have two and a half weeks to reach my peak so I can hopefully sit on that podium and achieve a dream.