Wednesday, August 29

Winter Winds

Is anyone else looking forward to winter, and what are you most excited for?
 I can't wait to start wearing knit wear, have a gingerbread frap and start writing my Christmas list.
The summer of 2012 has probably been the best one of my life, but I think its time to say a fond goodbye and embrace the chilling winds and hopefully another amazing season. 

Goodbye Summer, its been fun :)

Monday, August 27

A Beautiful Day

On Sunday I went to my cousins Sam's wedding in Chigwell Hall, it was absolutely beautiful and had a real princess, fairy tale feel to it. We had three beautiful courses, and where supplied with endless wine, champagne and pimms. During the best mans speech instead of toasting champagne we did shots of Strawberry Tequialla, my new favourite drink! And as they laid out a bottle per table we continued to drink the liqueur into the night (has anyone tried this before, the only liqueur I normally drink is baileys, but after last night, I definitely want to try some more!) 

Dress: Choice 
Earings: TopShop

I also wore two red flowers in my hair to the side of the curly bun that you can't see in this photo. 

I always think dressing for a wedding can be hard, there are so many things you have to avoid, creams, whites, cut-outs, tight dresses, anything to short, lace. I think you have to go classy and elegant. I'd definitely wear this dress again for a summer wedding, but its not to formal meaning I could wear it for a meal, bbq or even the pub, perfect!

Friday, August 24

End of Summer Detox

We all become so health and diet obsessed leading up to summer in the hope of the perfect bikini holiday. But after weeks of festivals, holidays and clubbing I always feel I look worst for wears at the end of the summer than I do at the beginning. So for the next two weeks I'm sticking to a stick-ish diet. Its primarily to feel healthier, less lethargic, and improve my skin and hair. When ever I detox I do tend to loose a bit of weight but for me personally that's not my primary objective. 

One buttered bagel and a smoothie 
(Its the best time of the day to have carbs as your metabolism will be at its fastest)

Option 1: A salad, with little dressing, with chicken, pawns, crayfish or tuna. 
Option 2: Pasta salad
Option 3: Pita bread with salad and chicken
Option 4: Ryvita with fruit and cheese

Option 1: Two veg with chicken, turkey, salmon or sea bass
Option 2: Sushi 

 (some are more healthy than others but I would normally allow myself around 3 a day) 
Pistachios, pumpkin seeds, apple, popcorn, prawn crackers, poppadoms, blueberry muffin, English muffin, blueberries, carrot and celery batons, fruit salads, 4/5 chunks of chocolate, a small portion of cheese cake 

Option 1: Green Tea, I much prefer this to normal tea but I know a lot of people do struggle with drinking this, as a treat I sometimes make pepermint flavoured one which I'd definitely recommend. If you really feel you need that caffeine boost have a black coffee
Option 2: One portion of fruit juice a day is fine, I suggest Cranberry as its packed with antioxidants
Option 3: Drink plenty of water!

I think its very important not to starve yourself, so please always diet sensibly, the skinniest people can still be unhealthy. Follow my efforts for the next two weeks on Twitter. And what are your top tips for staying healthy, does anyone else ever detox or diet?

Thursday, August 23

The Hottest Festival

Sun Glasses: TopShop
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Time 

Last weekend I went to V Festival in Chelmsford and it was absolutely amazing, we had perfect weather as it was the hottest weekend of the year and some of my favourite bands where playing including the headliners, The Killers, which we where really near the front for! My festival style was quite laid back, along with my hair and make-up which I didn't do much with, just wore some build up tan to give me a nice glow. What's your festival style do you go minimal or glamorous? 

Have any of you been to a festival this summer and who was your favourite ever festival artist?

Saturday, August 18

Put on your Party Dresses

Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: TopShop
Shoes: New Look
Clutch Bag: New Look 

On Saturday we went out in Chelmsford for Aimme's 20th. A few of us chipped in to get her a Mulberry Friendship bracelet that was just gorgeous and she loved it, definitely worth a look if your looking for a present for someone. It was a really good girly night out, proving you do not need boys to have a good time, just your beautiful best friends!

Thursday, August 16

End of an Era

Maxi Dress - Time
Sunglasses - TopShop

Me and my best friend from College went out a few drinks this afternoon, as neither of us where going uni, we both are working tomorrow we're not going for a 'wild one' tonight, but definitely wanted to celebrate, as I got two B's and a C! I drank Modern Sex on the Beach, Raspberry Mojito and a Passion Fruit Porn Star with a shot of Prosecco, Cocktails I'd definitely recommend. 

How did you all do and what are you doing to celebrate? 

Wednesday, August 15


'A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous' 
-Coco Chanel 

Chanel has been the one designer brand I've always desired. Its just so elegant, classy and timeless. 
What are your favourite designers and are you a Chanel fan?

Tuesday, August 7

Sunday Night

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Earrings - Topshop

Fake Tan - L'oreal subkime bronze
Perfume - Diesel Loverdose 
Hair Oil - Barber Oil 
Hair Spray - Tresemme
Rollers - Hairways own 
Nail Varnish - OPI

Foundation - Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Bronzer - Nars Laguna 
Blush - Laura Geller Honey Dipped 
Mascara - Benefit Bad Girl Lash
Eye Shadow - MUA
Fake Eyes lashes - Salon System 
Brow Pencil - No.7
Lipstick - Prestige 

On Sunday I went to Sugar Hut to celebrate one of the girls 19th Birthdays. Although I live about ten minutes away from Brentwood, I don't often go out there. However it was a really good night and not over priced. We met Sam Ferris (who is just as beautiful and lovely in real life), Joey Essex and Diags, which definitely made my friends birthday as she's a massive TOWIE fan and got a photo with them. I've never overly associated myself with the TOWIE stereotype although maybe looking at the amount of products I use and amount of time I take to get ready I may be a little more 'Essex' than I thought. I don't think it looks to fake though, I'm Essex born and bread and proud!

Sunday, August 5

Boston 2013

Sorry for my absence in the blog world. But for anyone who follows me twitter will have already found out I qualified for GB to compete in the 2013 Irish Dancing World Championships in Boston. Which is really exciting as its only the second ever time the worlds has been held in America and I was one of just seven girls from GB who qualified. So I've been a very busy bee and I'll be back to my normal blogging in the next few days.