Friday, September 28

Now is Good

If I'm off work Monday day, I often go to the cinema as its 2-4-1. This month me and a friend decided to see Now is Good, and Wow! This film had me crying, laughing and crying again, I cannot recommend this film more, its definitely my film of the year so far. I don't want to say any spoilers but if you know what this films about you know its quite a downbeat subject matter, but they deal with it in such a positive manner you won't be crying your eyes out really until the enviable and the end of the film.  It also doesn't hurt that Jeremy Irvine is  possible one of the most beautiful guys ever, warning girls, you will fall in love with him!

Has anyone else seen Now is Good yet and did you love it as much as me? What other films are you about seeing this year, I can't wait to see the Perks of being a Wallflower, if its anywhere near as good as the book it will be spectacular!


  1. This film look so good but very sad! cant wait to see it :) x

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