Wednesday, February 29


It’s my birthday in a couple of week, to celebrate all the girls are coming round to mine for predrinks and to get ready then we’re hitting the town. But as it’s a special occasion I wanted to make up some cocktails, which I’m a bit of an expert on, and make lots of little cupcakes. Although I’m fine with baking the cake, I am a little bit dubious about the decorating.
 So if anyone has a good recipe or tips I'd be very thankful.

Sunday, February 26


The V Festival line up is announced at nine tonight, so a little excited to see who’s on the bill as me and a friend want to get camping tickets. As its only in Chelmsford, Essex, it’s really local to me, and a lot of people I know go there, so would be an absolutly amazing weekend. Plus I love festival wear, as I dress quite bohemian for most of the year, so I have a perfect excuse to go shopping!
I'm a festival virgin, so if you've been to a festival before let me know if you enjoyed it, and any survival tips would be welcomed!

Friday, February 24


Thank God it’s Friday.
Just a little random post before the weekend, hope you all have a bit of r&r and a lovely time :)

Thursday, February 23


I have to admit I’m a little bit obsessed with Millie Mackintosh at the moment. She just always looks completely flawless. I have some serious hair envy!
Roll on Made in Chelsea series 3.

Monday, February 20


At the moment me and the girls are trying to book a long weekend away. It looks like we’re going to put a deposit down on a place in Spain on pay day.
Although being very lucky and getting to travel a lot, I danced in Dublin this weekend. But as I am dancer I can really only go out until the final night, you can’t be overtired or hung-over and then dance. So this would be my first real holiday for a couple of years. So excited!

Thursday, February 16


Spring is my absolute favourite season, firstly it’s my birthday, it always looks beautiful and I get the excuse to dress up in pretty floral flock and pastel colours every day.


Wednesday, February 15

Cafe De Paris

I’ve decided to start blogging again, as I love looking back at old posts, and what better way to start than sharing my weekend.  
This weekend I went to Cafe De Paris for one of my friends 18th. It was absolutely amazing in there, we were very lucky to be on VIP to, so had free drinks flowing all night.