Friday, April 20

A Ten Week Tone-up

If your a regular reader of my blog, you'll know I'm an Irish dancer. Yesterday I had a chat with my teacher about my goals, as at the age of 19 I'm nearing retirement. The thing she felt was letting me down was the power in my legs, especially the lack on tone in the quad, hamstring and bum. I'm heading to America in 10 weeks for a major competition, so I need a quick fix. Which will coincide with many of your 'holiday bodies' I'm sure. 
My plan of action
As well as dancing and what I do at class I will be working my cardio with skipping (which burns around 100 calories in 7 minutes) and using the exercise bike. For tone I intend to be doing a lot of lunges and squats (scientifically said to be the best thing to tone up the tops of your legs) and some basic yoga. 
What are your tips?


  1. Such a great post - I adore your blog!


  2. lovely photo and goodluck on your cardio! i'm so jealous of you dancing~

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  4. You're an Irish dancer? Me too! I just found your blog and I was scrolling through and I saw the heavy shoes and it surprised me! Haha, good luck with your goals! :)