Sunday, April 22

The Perfect Plait

Just  a little piece of hair inspiration. 
I think plaits are the perfect summer up-do, as they look so effortless and laid back. I'll definitely be trying some of these braids in the up coming weeks, perfect for nights out or laid back days.


  1. I love the second one with the blue background, so pretty. I completely agree about them being perect for summer - I actually did a post about plaits recently :)x

  2. great post! really like your blog!
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  3. I always plait my hair but only ever quite tight and neat I really want to try the really big volumised one from the third picture, i may do tomorrow, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. these hairstyles are pretty cool - i would like to have someone who could help me to create those styles :/
    X the cookies

  5. Great post! These hairstyles are gorgeous!
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  6. For me nothing beats a plait on those lazy days! Great post :D

  7. I love plaits. I'm definitely a plait person, I think it makes your hair look more interesting!

  8. Such a lovely post: these hair styles are great!
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  9. I wish I had some sort of hair talent where I could do this in my own hair but.. I'm rubbish! X