Saturday, April 14

Old School Glamour

I've had a couple of questions on my blog how I do my hair, this tutorial is basically what I go by. I find curling the hair before putting it into rollers sets it really well. This look only really works however if you can spend a good 4 or so hours in the rollers.
My Tips
I have very thin hair, so as I take out the top layer of rollers I like to back comb the root to add more volume.
If you want a more ringlety effect, put the rollers in first and then use the tongs.
Instead of brushing the curls, I find running my figures through it works better. 

This look looks like it takes a lot of effort, but after the first few time, you'll be able to do it quite quickly. Its a beautiful look, and if you put enough hairspray in it it will last all night (a lot longer than just using just tongs). I'd definitely recommend trying this look, inject some old Hollywood glamour into your lives!


  1. i love this hair style it looks beautiful x

  2. Great hair idea & Lauren looks fabulous there as do you.

  3. Old school glamour - The best way to go! :) Great tutorial xoxo

  4. You look amazing, dear! I love these curls on you <3