Thursday, April 26

Roll on the Wine!

Here are just a couple of snaps from my friends Shannon's 19th. We had VIP at Shaka Zulu, a really amazing club, and wasn't as pricey as some London clubs. I'd definitely recommend going there, drinks and music where good, they didn't let to many people in so it wasn't to crowed and had an excellent atmosphere. 
On a happy note, this weeks been going really well. For some reason, I'm just overly positive at the moment,  not even this a dismal weather can get me down. 
How have all your weeks been?  


  1. You look great, hope you had fun! Haha, its great being in a positive mood for no reason. It comes every now and again! xoxo

  2. Love all the dresses on the last photo, looks like you had a great time :) x

  3. You look so gorgeous-you and your friends have such good taste! +VIP oooh, sounds nice;) Hope you had a fab night + jel of your positive attitude-need abit of positivity/motivation in my lifeeeee!! X

  4. Lovely photos, you look gorgeous! X