Monday, April 9

Saturday Night

I wore a dress from Jane Norman and shoes from New Look
Molly wore a dress from Lipsy and shoes from Linzi 
As its Easter holidays I'm definitely making the most of going out, as after I'll be back to working hard and starting my revision. We went out to Chelmsford and had drinks in Lloyds before heading to Missoula. Met up with some people from college and just had a really good night. 

How have all your Easters been?


  1. You girls look absolutely amazing.
    Hope you had a fun night & i absolutely love that dress!

  2. Stunning! The dresses are gorgeous! xx

  3. The dress looks great on you. You both look beautiful xoxo

  4. Beautiful outfits you both wearing :) xxx

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous!! That dress is amazing-cannot believe its Jane Norman, its obviously changed its image since the last time I went in there!;) Do you do your hair with rollers or curlers? You+your friend look fab, sounds like you had a bosh night Xxx