Friday, June 29

The Windy City

On Sunday I'm flying out to Chicago with my dance troupe for just over a week. Although primarily we are going out there to dance, we either have evenings or days to ourselves. Having not been to America since I was little, I want all your tips, what are your favourite shops, restaurants ect out there? 
And to anyone who has been to Chicago, are there any recommendations on what to do, I know we're about a mile away Navy Pier, that looks good. We've also already booked a speed boat ride as one of the boys is having his 18th birthday while we're out there. 

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  1. ahh, chicago is one of my favorite cities here in the states! how long will you be there? if you have an evening free you should look into seeing the blue man group. it's a musical/comedy show that i personally love. there's also tons of shopping and museums. as for restaurants, one of my favorites is the chicago diner; it's entirely vegetarian but everything is so good. i also like ann sathers (breakfast) and the grand luxe cafe (dinner).