Monday, June 25

Happy Hair

I love windswept, natural voluminous healthy hair

I always fine I over product and style my hair during the winter, leaving it damaged with a dry scalp, meaning summers the perfect time to just let it dry naturally and become healthy. I think this look suits the majority of people, as long as you have hair around shoulder length or longer. I have the natural wave to my hair but to create more volume I often let it dry in a top knot and spits it with sea salt. 
Do you like this look and do you have any hair growth tips & tricks? 


  1. I love this look. My hair is quite long and I find that even when I get it cut it doesn't take long to grow back. Maybe its just my hair, but I never use heat on it (well minus the hairdryer - but I never dry it properly) and I just kind of let it do its own thing. So I suppose reducing the amount of heat you use on your hair might help! Love the pictures x

  2. loving all this!


  3. I agree, windswept, voluminous hair is wonderful. My hair is only shoulder-length right now, I would love to let it grow but my hair grows insanely slow. *sigh*

  4. It looks so nice but it seems you get one or the other ; length of volume xx

  5. I'm the same. I love natural bouncy hair. I shampoo mine & spray leave in conditioner on the ends, leave it to dry naturally in braids or quickly blowdry it & then spray sea salt evenly & then tousle it haha xx


  6. I love the hair so much >.< I could never pull that look T.T

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  7. ahh, love this look so much! i try on a daily basis to get my hair to look like one of these images, and it never really works out for me haha.

  8. I'm in love with the first image - her hair is amazing!! <3

    Ellen xx