Friday, June 1


I had my first A2 exam, in Communication and Culture this afternoon, so one down three to go. Insistently there has been a lot of cramming the last few days, but fingers crossed I thought it went quite well. 
I get home from my exam and Mum's been an absolute angel and bought me this months Glamour magazine, which has a mini Benefit 'Bad Girl Lash', perfect for my make-up bag. Therefore the rest of the day I will indulge myself in cupcakes, reading my magazine and paint my nails hot pink (I'm going on a girly theme today).
How are you all, have you all finished your exams, and have you picked up a copy of Glamour yet (you can also get a free primer and pour minimizer, which I may have to pick up) 


  1. Looks like a great afternoon! I like that nail color.

  2. I love Glamour magazine! Sounds like a perfect day! I just started following you. Check out my new blog and follow me back if you would like :)

  3. Aww this made me miss living at home and having my mum around. I seriously have hated getting older and growing up. I still feel like I'm about 20! Good luck in your exams :) following xx

  4. Hope the rest of your exams go well! A levels are bitches. And I still need to pick up Glamour, I hope there are some left in Smiths

  5. Cupcakes look super yummy! and I love that nail polish colour!!! oh why does OPI have to cost and arm and leg. There colour range is just amaze though