Saturday, April 12

Eat Clean

Eating clean is eating foods in they're most natural form. So its avoiding processed food or foods with preservatives added sugar, fat or flavorings. This doesn't just mean cutting out fast foods and foods you'd automatically assume are bad for you. But things like cereal bars, white bread and butters. 

I have to admit I do try and eat clean, but it doesn't always go to plan, it can be quiet difficult. But as I am dancing in the Irish dancing world championships next week I am trying to do everything to get my body as strong as possible. 

The easiest way I find to 'eat clean' is swapping to wholemeal, steaming and boiling foods where ever possible, and swapping butter to avocado, stopping eating pastas and noodles instead trying alternatives like quinoa, snacking on berries and nuts and lastly not eating too much red meat swap to chicken and oily fish!

If your trying to loose weight as well as being healthy my top tip would be swapping three dinners a week to vegetable omelettes with a side salad. Its super quick and easy to eat plus gives your body a brake from meats while still having plenty of protein and is carb free.

 Do any of you 'eat clean' what are your favorite meals and snacks?

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  1. Thank you so much for the comment and follow on my blog, definitely following you back, you have a lovely blog. This food looks amazing.

    Jess x