Friday, April 25

Coconut Oil

The latest miracle product that everyone is talking about is coconut oil. 

Benefits with cooking with it are: 
 It provides energy, it increases metabolism, it kills bacteria and viruses, promotes weight loss, preserves mussel mass, improves absorption of vitamins as well as improving diabetes and Alzheimer. 

As well as health benefits it also a miracle beauty product calming it:
helps acne, eczema and psoriasis, improves dandruff, strengthens hair, moisturizes skin and lips, helps prevent fine lines and stretch marks. 

Superdrug are selling a small pot for under £3 (which is super cheep)
The pot also has directions of use. The product itself smells heavenly and when used as a hair mask your hair will do too for the next few day. I highly recommend trying this product, and even if you feel like it doesn't work, you've barely spent and money. And if you do you'll be saving a lot of money in the future on expensive hair masks, spot treatments ect.

Does anyone else use coconut oil, and do you use it in any other ways I haven't mentioned?

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