Monday, January 14

Motivational Monday

Its the third week in January, don't you think time is just flying by at the moment! And if your anything like me those New Years resolutions are slowly dropping away, so when times get hard I like to look to the heavens for some much needed inspiration. Thankfully the Victoria's Secret angels always look fabulous and are there to make every girl envious! 

So put down the chocolate and full fat latte, put those yoga pants and sports bras back on and lets whip these bodies into shape!


  1. Definitely good motivation! Gym time. New follower here. Adorable blog.

    Lots of bloggy love from:

  2. Makes me want to get down the gym immediately! haha :)

  3. They are absolute goddesses - best motivation ever! X

  4. haha I specifically didn't watch it because I knew it'd make me bummed about my body haha! But you're right, it is kind of motivating to get off of the couch!