Saturday, January 26


One of my favourite films mixed with my favourite designers, Wildfox you have truly outdone yourself! Believe it or not I have tried to 'narrow' it down to just my favourite photos! 

“In 1995, girl world changed forever when we were introduced to three strong-willed, perfectly dressed Beverly Hills babes named Cher, Tai, and Dionne. Amy Heckerling, the mastermind behind the cultural phenomenon, said it best through her leading lady Cher Horowitz, “So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew – and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon?” AS IF! Everything about the “Clueless” world captured a generation of girls who wanted it all, and who were going to look great getting it. Amy Heckerling created a bold new take on the modern girl amidst the sea of grunge that filled the 90’s. Wildfox’s Spring 2013 collection pays tribute to Heckerling, capturing the spirit of “Clueless” and their iconic leading ladies. We’re the Kids In America!”


  1. Amazing! I LOVE clueless! My friend and I literally watched it on repeat! x

  2. I'm the biggest fan of wildfox, LOVE these photos!

  3. I've never seen Clueless :s think I'm going to have to now, the wildfox collection looks amazing! xx

    1. You have got to watch it asap, its one of my favourite films ever!

  4. such a neat idea !! I watched clueless for my 12th birthday party and just found the DVD yesterday :)
    Your blog looks pretty and it would be great if we could follow each other xx Let me know by following me and commenting at

  5. Oh wow I love this clothing line! So so cute.