Friday, August 24

End of Summer Detox

We all become so health and diet obsessed leading up to summer in the hope of the perfect bikini holiday. But after weeks of festivals, holidays and clubbing I always feel I look worst for wears at the end of the summer than I do at the beginning. So for the next two weeks I'm sticking to a stick-ish diet. Its primarily to feel healthier, less lethargic, and improve my skin and hair. When ever I detox I do tend to loose a bit of weight but for me personally that's not my primary objective. 

One buttered bagel and a smoothie 
(Its the best time of the day to have carbs as your metabolism will be at its fastest)

Option 1: A salad, with little dressing, with chicken, pawns, crayfish or tuna. 
Option 2: Pasta salad
Option 3: Pita bread with salad and chicken
Option 4: Ryvita with fruit and cheese

Option 1: Two veg with chicken, turkey, salmon or sea bass
Option 2: Sushi 

 (some are more healthy than others but I would normally allow myself around 3 a day) 
Pistachios, pumpkin seeds, apple, popcorn, prawn crackers, poppadoms, blueberry muffin, English muffin, blueberries, carrot and celery batons, fruit salads, 4/5 chunks of chocolate, a small portion of cheese cake 

Option 1: Green Tea, I much prefer this to normal tea but I know a lot of people do struggle with drinking this, as a treat I sometimes make pepermint flavoured one which I'd definitely recommend. If you really feel you need that caffeine boost have a black coffee
Option 2: One portion of fruit juice a day is fine, I suggest Cranberry as its packed with antioxidants
Option 3: Drink plenty of water!

I think its very important not to starve yourself, so please always diet sensibly, the skinniest people can still be unhealthy. Follow my efforts for the next two weeks on Twitter. And what are your top tips for staying healthy, does anyone else ever detox or diet?


  1. that sushi looks gorgeous, I'd have no problems munching that. I really need to be more disciplined with myself and try something like this out! x x

  2. Ohhh agreed! And I'm with you on this. I am feeling tattered lately when I've been snacking... so I've started detoxing too. Only I eat hardly any meat, it's more veggies or fish. But I guess chicken is fine too. Good luck!!

  3. Hey I just followed. Such a cute blog layout! Also love that picture of the sushi. Can't wait to hear the results from eating healthier.

    Follwo back?