Monday, August 27

A Beautiful Day

On Sunday I went to my cousins Sam's wedding in Chigwell Hall, it was absolutely beautiful and had a real princess, fairy tale feel to it. We had three beautiful courses, and where supplied with endless wine, champagne and pimms. During the best mans speech instead of toasting champagne we did shots of Strawberry Tequialla, my new favourite drink! And as they laid out a bottle per table we continued to drink the liqueur into the night (has anyone tried this before, the only liqueur I normally drink is baileys, but after last night, I definitely want to try some more!) 

Dress: Choice 
Earings: TopShop

I also wore two red flowers in my hair to the side of the curly bun that you can't see in this photo. 

I always think dressing for a wedding can be hard, there are so many things you have to avoid, creams, whites, cut-outs, tight dresses, anything to short, lace. I think you have to go classy and elegant. I'd definitely wear this dress again for a summer wedding, but its not to formal meaning I could wear it for a meal, bbq or even the pub, perfect!


  1. You looked beautiful! Looks like alot of fun. I've only ever been to one wedding, but I'd love to go to another.

  2. Looks like an amazing wedding, I love your dress x

  3. I love your dress, and her wedding dress is gorgeous! :D

  4. Oh what a beautiful bride your cousin was! I love that dress too btw!