Friday, May 4

Make Every Day Beautiful

Exam seasons approaching, the weathers being unkind, so sit back relax, be happy and look beautiful.

My Tips
1. Treat your self to a face mask rich in vitamin E. I love Liz Earl products, there a little pricey but definitely worth it. 
2. Make your self a fruit salad, with all your favourites, its sweet, yummy and packed with antioxidants!
3. Deep condition your hair, I like to use Lee Staffords miracle growth as I'm trying to grow my hair
4. Tan up! Everyone looks fresher, healthier and feels better with a tan. 
5. Lastly put on a good chick flick, Legally Blonde, Bridget Jones, 500 days of Summer, Mean girls etc and snuggle up with your best friend and a bowel of popcorn, surprisingly a healthy low in fat snack. And you'll work it off with all the laughter!

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