Sunday, February 24


Sorry for my lack of blogging this month, my computer broke a few weeks ago. So instead of doing lots of little random post of what I've been doing/loving/discovering recently I thought I'd share it all in one monthly update.

1/ I have found out Forever 21 do the cutest sports bras ever, I bough one in aqua and one in lavender. Think I may need to go back to get the hot pink one too!
2/ I'm totally obsessed with One Directions song Kiss You, I've had it on repeat all month, kinda embarrassing for a girl who's 20 in two weeks I know. 
3/ I danced at a Feis (Irish Dancing competition) and came 3rd, it was a super hard comp, double age group and mixed, literally everyone from the UK was there I was absolutely thrilled :)
4/ I had my first Pinkberry experience, oh my its beautiful, I'm so addicted and it makes me feel so good about myself as its actually healthy, goodbye starbucks with your fatty caramel fraps and muffins!
5/ Unfortunately I didn't have a valentine this year, instead I worked a double shift at the restaurant, on the plus side tips where amazing. 
6/ I'm now on my 4 week count down till my world championships in Boston, so dancing super hard. But I'm now calling it the 'last push' I'm going to do absolutely everything I can to achieve. 
7/ Thankfully although I haven't had a computer TV's been fab at the moment with Girls, Glee, The Following and Geordie Shaw  


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  1. I've never been to Pinkberry but it sounds like heaven! Haha, there's no shame in loving a bit of 1D...I'm so jealous of people going to see them on tour.