Thursday, September 6

Puppy Love

Dress: H&M
Denim Jacket: TopShop 

As well as being a waitress I have the best job ever, dog sitting! I always had dogs growing up but since my last one died we decided nor to get another one as I'm often away for weekends or sometimes even weeks with dancing and having a dog unforchantly wouldn't be practical. One of my neighbours is Irish so she often visits family and friends out there, and leaves her baby Jessie with me. It works out I normally get about £7 a day, that't not loads, but I'd probably do it for free anyway, its not really like work. I'd recommend suggesting this to all your doggy owner friends, as its cheaper and nicer for the dog not to be left in a kennel. And you get a new best friend for a week or so, plus some money for a new pair of shoes/ dress/ bag!  


  1. Aww so cute.. I've always wanted a puppy! Being a dog-sitter sounds like the perfect job for me, ahaha! Xo

  2. you are so gorgeous! :) and that dog is so adorable. <3 cavalier king charles spaniel, am i right? such a gorgeous breed! xxx

    1. Correct! I used to have one, they're one of my favourite breeds

  3. you're so pretty and that does sound like the best job ever.
    look at the little doggie, awww!
    i like your blog, i've just started following!
    hope you'll come by and say hello :)
    laura xx

  4. Awww! Such a cute dog, you look lovely too :) nice little money-earner dog sitting, i've done cat sitting before- not quite as exciting ha! xx

  5. Just nominated you for the Liebster Award! X

  6. So adorable! You look stunning also haha

  7. That sounds like a great job! i love my dogs!! x

  8. thanks, oh yes you need to get some chelsea boots!
    lovely photos :)
    I’m having a blogpresentation on my blog, I’d be delighted if you’d participate!

    xx, rebecca

  9. Such a beautiful wee dog.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or a nosey. xx