Monday, March 5

Piccadilly Institute

On Saturday we went to the Piccadilly Institute for a friend’s 24th, coincidently in Piccadilly London. We were on a guest list so had free entry and got to queue jump, a plus! The club was amazing, it had six different rooms all with amazing and different decor, themes and music, sorry I didn’t really take any picture, but when you’re having a good night you forget! On a slight down side, I thought the club was a little too over pack and it had four storeys, so make sure if you go to wear comfy heels! For a West End club drinks weren’t too expensive though. I would recommend this club, I’d never actually heard of it before but it’s definitely worth going, don’t let the name put you off! Also if you plan to go, try and get on the guest list as the queue was really long.

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