Sunday, February 26


The V Festival line up is announced at nine tonight, so a little excited to see who’s on the bill as me and a friend want to get camping tickets. As its only in Chelmsford, Essex, it’s really local to me, and a lot of people I know go there, so would be an absolutly amazing weekend. Plus I love festival wear, as I dress quite bohemian for most of the year, so I have a perfect excuse to go shopping!
I'm a festival virgin, so if you've been to a festival before let me know if you enjoyed it, and any survival tips would be welcomed!


  1. Oh my gosh i am SO excited aswell!! I went to V last year and can honestly say it was the best weekend of my life so far ahhhhhhh SO much fun! My tips are pack light [the walk is a nightmare] +just enjoy it! Even if the lineups not too your taste the atmosphere means that everythings amazing! Ahhhhh im so excited:D X

  2. I love the atmosphere at festivals - it's amazing! I've been to them for the past four years - all I can say is bring hand gel and dry shampoo and use a wheelbarrow/pram/trolley/anything you can find to carry your stuff as there's normally a huge walk from the entrance to the campsites and it can break your back! Hope you have a good time! x

  3. I love the pictures !
    Tips for festivals?
    - Make sure you have enough money with you, you maybe get shocked by the prices for food and drinks
    - Take a bottle with you, they probably will take out of your bag, but maybe you're lucky (cover it under a sweater or something)
    - If you want to be in the front, go as soon as you can, cause getting in the front is really hard and there maybe get people pissed if you take their place.
    - Just enjoy that your there, it's only once in a year !

    Hope you enjoy your first festival, it will be great !

    Lifelover Laura