Sunday, June 12

Goodbye Blonde

On Thursday this week I dyed my hair a more brownish colour as I’d been a very bleach blonde for over a year and a half and just needed a change from it. I need to change my shampoos over, was wondering if there was any recommendations.
I’m also attempting to grow my hair, if you have any tips or products that work. I’ve used Lee Stafford’s treatment before found that worked quite well, but I’m definitely up for trying new things.  
I love natural looking, windswept, bouncy hair.


  1. great hair inspiration, if only! I always end up shopping it shorter as I get impatient! John Frieda brunette shampoo is pretty good :) x

  2. i love long hair =]

  3. CosmesticsCharlotte just uploaded a whole video on hair growth tips and tricks :)

  4. lovely pictures ! Love the hair !
    Btw thanks for your comment, I bought the dress at a local store at the belgian coast, but I think you can order it at that's what the labels says :)

    xo Naomi